Women’s Physique

//Women’s Physique

Women’s Physique

Women’s Physique is just a rebranded and friendlier name of female bodybuilding I guess. And photographing this mid-40’s Women’s Physique competitor the day after her competition was pretty cool! Although I’m not a great fan of body building (and the gritty darkness that’s associated by it) myself, the dicipline and dedication it takes to reach this level of physique is very impressive!

I work out as much as the next gym-bro, but it’s mostly squats, deadlifts and bench press. And having done this regulary for a couple of years now, I look half-decent in the mirror if I can humbly say so myself. But this is something completely different! And I have to admit looking at old photos of Arnold inspires me to keep lifting.. :p As the saying goes: “once you start lifting, you are forever small”. Or “you’ll never be as big as your pump”. What is a pump, you say? I’ll let the Brofessor explain.

My favourite instagram-account for lifting is instagram.com/hookgrip where “skinny-ass” boys and girls lift heavy shit! That’s what really inspires me!

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